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Raw Food Planet --- Introduction
by Brother Viktoras Kulvinskas MS

A Message From Viktoras Kulvinskas

Way back in the 1960's, (before many of you were born!), I was a graduate student in theoretical mathematics who suffered from bleeding ulcers, incapacitating headaches and other debilitating symptoms of dis-ease. To use a technical term, I was "a mess". Then I heard about Dr. Ann Wigmore, the "wheatgrass lady," and eventually became co-director and principal researcher at the prestigious Hippocrates World Health Institute of Boston. Through rejuvenating high-enzyme, high chlorophyll, low-starch, high-vitality raw food diet, my body/mind/spirit entered the path of rejuvenation, and I went on to write the book, Survival into the 21st Century, now in its 50th printing. If you haven't as yet read Survival, I invite you to experience this seminal work.

I also want to encourage you to make this website an ongoing resource. In the old days, we didn't have raw food oriented restaurants -- and only a few recipe books, potlucks, culinary trainings or healing centers. Now, there is vast array to choose from! Whether you're fully aware of it or not, you're living in the beginning stages of a raw food renaissance, so make the best use of whatever will keep you on your path to healing, health and the Light.

The Evolution of the Raw Food Lifestyle

A newborn enters the world and immediately begins the information-gathering process through the sense organ vehicles of taste, touch, sight, hearing and smell. Only after several years of experience is this information sufficiently synthesized into a higher level of organization, what we might call a "working knowledge" of the world. This knowledge becomes "wisdom" only after decades of maturation, as Life Itself, through its ups and downs and daily challenges, teaches us how to masterfully surf the waves of everyday existence.

In like manner, since the mid-1960's, I've seen the raw food lifestyle evolve from 1) a body of practical "how to" health information yet without an in-depth scientific knowledge of the biochemical and energetic mechanisms in raw foods. This progressed to 2) the development of a research-based scientific body of knowledge which discovered the specific nutritional co-factors responsible for raw food's numerous health benefits, and finally, 3) the increasing acceptance of the raw food lifestyle as a health wisdom school in its own right, by scientists, celebrities, athletes and health-minded folks like you and me. What's more, raw food eating has reached the level of an art-form when it comes to its taste, texture and visual presentation -- "deliciously rawsome!," as the younger generation of raw fooders like to say!

The raw food movement continues to expand around the planet. Why? Because more and more folks are enjoying the health-transforming benefits of raw foods. On every level, physical, athletic, mental, emotional, intuitive, aesthetic, ecological, moral, spiritual, living raw foods supports and enhances our highest functioning, thereby becoming one of the more powerful "evolutionary accessories" in our quest to realize our highest potential.

Raw foods really "work" because the optimal diet for the human body is raw vegetarian foods. Sure, to a limited degree, nature has designed us so that in emergencies or in our weaker moments, we're able to tolerate eating of all sorts of nutritionally inferior foods. We're able to digest a percentage of it and then we store the accompanying toxins and waste products behind our eyeballs, in our brains, in a painful big toe, etc. But by eating in this way, we unknowingly sign up for the elective course, "Unnecessary Suffering 101?"

By the way, eating raw foods doesn't mean we have to be "100% raw" to enjoy abundant health. At the recent "Hippocrates Raw Food Summit" raw food health authorities from North America and eight foreign countries reached the following consensus: If you eat a well-balanced organically grown whole food diet consisting of at least 80% raw foods, expect to reap most if not all of the health benefits generally attributed to raw foods.

Some parting advice:

Raw foods will help you to tune into the universal energy/intelligence/consciousness within you, which will help free you from judging yourself and others. It will help to break the chains of the past, enabling you to live more and more in the Eternal NOW, at-one with the source and living one's truth.

Teach by example. Love yourself and thy neighbor as thyself. Have fun and use laughter as a medium of communication. Don't let raw foodism become a religion, thinking yourself superior because you're 100% raw. This doesn't promote harmony, as we are all aspiring incarnates here on earth who have signed up for different courses of study.

You already know more than enough to experience high level wellness. It is true we sometimes attempt to escape from traumatic events by behaviors that temporarily reduces our self-awareness (i.e. numbing out with heavy comfort foods) but eventually, you WILL transmute past pain into bliss, lemon into lemonade, soaked sunflowers into a gourmet pate!

In closing, consider this website, RawFoodPlanet.com, and myself, your friends. You are a member of the New Humanity as well as a member of the raw food family, no matter what percentage of raw food you presently eat.

Blessings on your journey,
Brother Viktoras Kulvinskas MS



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