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Beaches: Nude

National Naturist Federation of Finland (English-version) - NNFF spreads objective information of the naturism, organizes events for members and keep in touch with other naturist communities. Their website says "In Finland there are two official naturist beaches, Pihlajasaari island in Helsinki and Yyteri beach in Pori. Turku has also unofficial naturist beach in the Ruissalo island.



Raw Food Lifestyle: Centers

The Institute of Living Food - Fiskön kurssikeskus, 22930 Fiskö, Åland. A Christian healing center for the body, mind and soul. The institute is situated in the outer archipelago of Åland. Brändö is a small district with over 1000 islands, but only 500 inhabitants. We who are working at the institute have already several years of experience with Living Food, and some of us have studied at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston. We speak Swedish, Finnish and English.

Phone +358-400-573013


Vacations & Retreats: Raw & Living Food (*=Vegetarian, **=Vegan, ***=raw foods)

The Institute of Living Food ***- see above

see above







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