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Casa Verde - Raw Food Yoga Hiking Retreats
Location: Cloud Forest, Mindo, Ecuador
Email: casaverde@mac.com
Website: www.wendygreenyoga.com
We are a small capacity highly personalized retreat lodge offering daily Ashtanga yoga beginner to advanced, locally grown Raw Vegan Cuisine, Raw Food prep classes, Thai Massage, Birding, Hiking in the Andes, Eternal Spring climate and serene private accommodations in a pristine Cloud Forest/Rivers/Waterfalls setting in bio-diverse Ecuador! Reconnect with yourself and nature. Mention ad for $50 credit.

Vacations & Retreats (*=Vegetarian, **=Vegan, ***=raw foods)

Raw Food Retreat in Vilcabamba - Stay with Matt Monarch, Angela, Oria an their whole crew for two weeks at their organic ranch in the beautiful Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.



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