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Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica
Location: 300 meters south of Reptilandia on the main road San Isidro to Dominical. 5 minutes from Dominical Beach.
Phone: +506 8882 7717 or +506 2787 8378
Waterfall Villas, exclusive eco-retreat in tropical Balinese style luxury - Jacuzzi Suites, with secluded private waterfalls, and rain forest wildlife reserve. Balconies at the top of the falls! Personalized RAW / Vegan chef gourmet creation meals. Organic produce. SPA & Detox programs, w/transition vegan/raw foods. Yoga, RAW / Vegan weddings, and honeymoon packages.

Farm of Life (Finca de Vida)
Location: near Dominical Beach, Southwestern Costa Rica.
Phone: 506-8893-7407 (Costa Rica) and 404-521-8152 (United States)
Costa Rica Vacation for the Healthy Lifestyle, Raw, Vegetarian, Eco-Adventures, Organic Farm. Join Yoga-Raw Food Retreats or enjoy a personal healing vacation for recharging body, soul, life passion. Affordable luxury mountain cabins with Pacific sunsets. Prepare your meals in communal kitchen using complimentary tropical produce, or opt for Chef-prepared meals.

Dr. SAM's RAW-habilitation Retreat
March 19th - March 26th, 2016

Location: Costa Rica (Farm Of Life Retreat Center)
Phone: 404-271-9997
Email: Samuel@DrSamPT.com
Transform your health in paradise on this week-long, unforgettable, retreat experience! Participants often report: more energy, looking and feeling younger, healthy weight loss, better focus, improved strength and flexibility, and feeling a greater sense of connectedness to self and others. Enjoy: Amazing Raw Food Meals, Empowering Lectures, Fun Adventures (waterfalls, beaches, jungle hikes, zip lines), Yoga, & MORE!

Beached: Nude

La Playita (Little Beach) - A nude beach and favorite surfing spot, Playita is located in Manuel Antonio National Park. Every shade of turquoise and azure one can imagine is captured in the sparkling waters here. The"clothing optional" area is located across the rocks at the right end of La Playita Beach. Some consider it the "only gay & lesbian beach in Central America".


Farm of Life (Finca de Vida). They host up to 10 retreats each year. See featured listing above.

Farms & Farmer's Markets: Organic

Punta Mona: Center for Sustainable Living & Education - Punta Mona is an 85-acre organic farm, a community and center for sustainable living education located on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Finca Ipe - Postal address: Finca Ipe, Apdo. 804-8000, San Isidro del General, P.Z. Costa Rica. IPE (ee-pay) is the Indian name for the beautiful and majestic Tabebuia tree, whose bark yields the powerful medicinal Pao D'arco. Just 20km west of San Isidro, this lush farm is rich in tropical scenery. Its natural springs attract an abundance of wildlife and colorful birds. Cool ocean breezes provide a comfortable temperature for plants and animals alike. The surrounding area is a haven for all nature-lovers with stunning waterfalls, exotic rainforests, deserted beaches and gorgeous sunsets.

Fasting Retreats & Centers

Tanglewood Wellness Center - Tanglewood Wellness Center, San Rafael de Nandayure, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Tanglewood Wellness Center is a water fasting retreat that provides beautiful, clean, quiet, and comfortable surroundings that foster the deep rest and introspection that allow for true healing.

Spiritual Centers

PachaMama - Apartado #110, Boca de Nosara, 5233, Nicoya, Guanacaste, COSTA RICA. The phrase Pacha Mama comes from the Incan language Quechua. It means Mother Earth. Here, in this Costa Rican village, PachaMama resonates the vibration of its namesake. It is a community inspired by meditation, music, dance, and the creation of an ecologically sustainable existance with mother earth. It is a community that is active in exploring the heights of consciousness through diet-raw food, cleansing and fasting, silent retreats, therapy groups, body work, gardening, dance and musical festivals. There is no specific doctrine, philosophy, dogma or belief system practiced in PachaMama, merely the gathering of individuals from different parts of the world inspired by conscious alternatives to living. Experience Satsang meetings with Tyohar. In these meetings Tyohar responds to people's questions and sharings, supporting the inner growth of each one. It is the foundation of PachaMama, the very heart of Tyohar1s work. A silent retreat is a unique gathering --- there are two daily Satsangs with Tyohar, as well as a variety of meditations, designed to support the participants in their journey from the world of words. Every evening PachaMama takes an inner shower by being in silence for one hour.

Sports & Fitness

Dr. Doug Graham, D.C. & Prof. Rozalind Gruben

Vacations & Retreats (*=Vegetarian, **=Vegan, ***=raw foods)

El Sano Banano Beach Hotel and Ylang-Ylang Beach Resort - Montezuma Village. Puntarenas, Costa Rica. 506-642-0638. Your choice of double rooms, suites, or private bungalows on the beach front. Vegetarian, vegan and live foods options as well as other distinct culinary practices are available upon request. They use organic produce whenever available. Enjoy the sunrise/moonrise over the ocean 2 steps from your living quarters. The rejuvenation of a walk thru the tropical gardens or lounging in a hand-made hammock will ensure your tranquility.

Farm of Life (Finca de Vida) - Location: near Dominical Beach, Southwestern Costa Rica. 506-8893-7407 (Costa Rica) and 404-521-8152 (United States). See featured listing above.

Note: see the 'Events' category above, and our sister site, The Vegetarian Travel Guide: Vacation chapter for vegetarian vacation choices in Costa Rica.



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