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Ananda Fierro - Amazing photographer & new age artist.

Sebastopol, CA


Tonya Kay - Professional dancer, athlete, and former STOMP production star.



Angelika - PO Box 948, North San Juan, CA 95960. 530-292-3830. Angelika sings ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras and her own original songs in English and other languages, sharing pure love, and celebration; embracing all expressions of divintiy, all paths, all of life. Her angelic, healing voice is a beautiful instrument which she accompanies with tamboura, guitar, keyboard, flute and a variety of other instruments and harmonies to create an enchanting sound experience and spiritual space. This music is well suited for meditation, healing work, ceremonies, massage, yoga, hospice, prayer, inspiration, rejuvenation.

North San Juan, CA

Djin Aquarian - c/o YHWH House, 6605 Linville Dr., Weed, CA 96094. 530-938-1583. Singer/musician from the Essene tradition.

Weed, CA

Peter Edwards - 305-496-9335. Essene pianist/keyboardist & creator of RawFoodPlanet.com & VegetarianUSA.com. High raw since 1973.

Miami Beach, FL

Shimshai - Born and raised in Washington state, Shimshai is an advocate of a simple, sacred life and currently finds his base in Hawaii. Shimshai has been playing up and down the west coast of America for the past five years or so and has performed on stage with the likes of Cannon and the Lion of Judah Band, Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra, Ram Dass, and Jah Levi. Surrounded by music since birth, Shimshai was trained on piano in his youth, followed by guitar and flute, and he plays most of the tracks on this album, including bass, clarinet, saxophone, and melodica. Arranged and produced by Shimshai, 'I Sense Your Presence' is the first album from this artist, sure to be followed by many more. For another flavor be sure to check out the new release from Shimshai & the Natural Mystiquensemble, "Toward the One." As an ordained minister of the Essene Church of Christ, Shimshai takes root in the Essene tradition, but ultimately adheres only to universal devotion of spirit. Always driven by a passion for music, and to touch that place deep within each of our souls, this recording is truly a muti-layered journey of love, light and truth.



Elan Sun Star - Award-winning photographer.



Happy Oasis - (928)708-0784, (800)797- 8704. Raw Ecstatic Poetry with raw/vegan adventure-anthropologist Happy Oasis. Available for radio, tv, newspaper & internet interviews: Arizona, nationwide and worldwide by arrangement and via telephone.



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