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Composting: Outdoor

GrowOrganic.com - Envirocycle Composter, Geobin Home & Garden Compost Bin, Soilsaver Composter.

CompostTumbler - With the ComposTumbler you can make a complete batch of compost, from start to finish, in just 14 days. Some gardeners have even finished batches of compost in as little as ten days! The ComposTumbler works in any gardening climate. As you and other serious gardeners know, lawns, flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetable gardens are only as healthy as the soil that sustains them. A steady diet of compost is the only way to build rich, healthy soil for your garden.

Gardener's Supply - A great variety of outdoor composting systems.


Composting: Kitchen Units

Gaiam - Our ceramic and stainless Kitchen Compost Crocks are the most attractive solution for countertop kitchen composting. The Ceramic Kitchen Crock has a fully glazed interior that won't stain or absorb odor and holds up to one gallon of kitchen scraps. Both crocks hold an activated carbon filter in the lid to prevent odors and a removable stainless steel handle. Dishwasher safe.

GrowOrganic.com - Kitchen compost bins, compost buckets.


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